Football Training Equipment For 5 Year Olds


Whether your child is learning the game for the first time or is a little older, you can find football training equipment for your little one. Designs & Lines makes some excellent football equipment that is ideal for PE lessons. Check out their selection and learn more about Strobe Sport pick the right one for your child.

Hula hoops

Hula hoops are a popular piece of equipment for kids. They are very durable and come in a variety of sizes. They can be bought individually or in packs of six or twelve. They can also be used in PE lessons. They can be used in a variety of physical activities and are very cheap to purchase.

Children will enjoy playing hula hoop games with a partner or with friends. One fun game is a hula hoop rock paper scissors game. Each player has to hop through the hula hoop on their team’s side before the next player can make their way across the course.

Speed ladders

Using agility ladders as football training equipment for kids is a great way to improve the balance and speed of young athletes. These equipments are durable and come with adjustable gears. They are ideal for indoor or outdoor use. This training equipment is great for kids and adults alike because it helps increase balance and agility.

Whether you’re looking for football training equipment for 5 year olds or an adult looking to improve your agility, a speed ladder is the perfect solution. This versatile piece of equipment comes with a 20-foot ladder, twelve disc cones, and a mesh carrying case. They are made of high-quality pp material and are extremely durable.


Cones are a fantastic piece of equipment to use during a football training session, and they can be used in many different ways to make the training sessions more fun for everyone involved. They are great for marking out areas for players to work in, and they can also help children practice their dribbling and passing skills. They are also easy to transport and are a cheap and cheerful way to get kids excited about football.

Soccer training equipment can also include Slalom poles, which can be used to practice dribbling and speed. These poles are easy to transport and are made of sturdy plastic. They can be used in both indoor and outdoor sessions and are suitable for use on grass surfaces. They are also great for improving flexibility.

Slalom poles

Slalom poles can help improve passing skills. A set of four poles creates a “box” where players pass the ball to each other while moving from side to side. This equipment can be used in many ways and is an ideal tool for training.

Slalom poles are made from spring-loaded steel and are suitable for a variety of sports. The spring-loaded design helps hold the pole upright during training and reduces injuries. They are also ideal for developing lateral movement, as well as increasing overall speed. They are also easy to place on soft surfaces.

Shin guards

A shin guard is an important piece of football training equipment for kids. These protective pads are designed to protect the shins from accidental hits, especially when playing in studded boots. Similarly, goalkeeper gloves are also an essential piece of equipment for kids. They provide grip on the ball and are useful for goalkeepers.

Shin guards should fit properly and be the right size for the child. They should cover the bend of the ankle and go below the knee. Some brands offer youth sizes for younger players, while adidas offers extra small sizes.

Slalom pads

Slalom poles are a versatile piece of football training equipment that can be used in a variety of ways. Like training cones, these poles can be set up to create challenging drills that improve footwork and lateral movement. Quick footwork is often the difference between a good player and a super player. By using these training aids, your child will be able to develop lightning reactions.

Slalom poles encourage good footwork because the player must keep their balance and focus when dribbling between the poles. They also force the player to change direction and maintain control in tight spaces. Additionally, the random placement of the poles helps the player practice his or her dribbling skills.